Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The difference between simple and easy...

In business, and in life, we want things simple and easy. Well, choose one, because you can't always have both.

Running a business can be simple: do the right things, be smart with finances, hire and keep good people, avoid doing the wrong things. Simple.

But that stuff isn't necessarily easy. It isn't easy be fiscally responsible (it's not fun, it's not good for the ego). It isn't easy saying no to clients that might want "favors" or inappropriate treatment. It isn't easy to hire the right person and reject the wrong one (even if the wrong one has more experience or claims to have an "in" with a prospective client).

Perhaps this is the answer: If your focus is on what's easy, life will be complicated. If you focus on what is simple and right, life and business will be pretty easy.

Barry LaBov, CEO
LaBov and Beyond

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