Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Our People Make The Difference"

Ask the average business person about his or her company and why it's been successful, and the expected two-word answer will usually emerge, "Our people."

That's fine. But if practically every company says that - including the lousy ones - is it really true? That means your people are superior lifeforms than those at the competition? Can't we do a little better than "Our people is what makes us who we are"? Isn't there a more accurate, interesting answer?

Maybe it's your technology or your niche or your focus on customer experience or your innovation. Or maybe it's your unique combination of some of all of those things.

No prospective customer will put millions of dollars on the table and fork it over to you simply because we say our people are the key. We need to explain how our people are doing great things that only happen here at our company.

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