Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Alternative to economic worry

Sales are down. A customer drops your company or maybe a client gets fired and your relationship is at risk.

The usual reaction all too often is to worry and wait. Worry about what might happen--could there be layoffs, salary reductions? Wait for the boss, the president, the sales person--whoever--at your company to come through and replace the business. While you wait, you worry more--it may take a long time to ever overcome that loss of business. As this cycle continues, morale slips, performance goes down, anxiety is rampant.

The result is that a small portion of the company is actually focused on being productive, while the majority of the employees are paralyzed or worse.

The alternative is to focus your energy on growth. Look for growth anywhere--start with your current clients, even the ones cutting back--they may need help, they may need your knowledge, your entrepreneurialism.

If you want to increase your job security, focus on helping your company grow in as many ways as possible.

Barry LaBov, CEO
LaBov & Beyond

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