Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We have a working culture

In this economic environment, many people are finding out what has been kept quiet for years. Small businesses are the ones that are adding jobs. In fact over 80% of all new jobs are coming from small businesses.

It will be quite a culture shock for many former employees of large corporations applying and taking jobs at small companies. Those used to the big business style will be freaked out over the fast pace and the accountability that will be demanded at those small businesses.

A couple of years ago, I asked the owner of a 60-person accounting firm to consider hiring a friend of mine. She had been working at a huge multi-national. The owner of the accounting firm told me, "I'm not interested in your friend because we've hired people from that firm and have found we have different, incompatible cultures."

Fascinated, I asked what was the difference. The owner of the small firm replied, "At our company we have a WORKING culture." His point was that his small company had a hands-on style. Everyone was expected to pitch in, to do what it took to get things done now. It was a fast paced and energized place; very different from a slower moving, more formal conglomerate.

For those going from a large corporation to a small one, strap yourself in; you'll be expected to make decisions quicker, get results, and take complete ownership. But also note that a WORKING culture could be more fun than you imagine.

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