Friday, March 20, 2009

The new "haves versus the have-nots"

"Share the wealth" and "social engineering" are terms that we're hearing more today as there is a debate as to whether the U.S. is moving toward socialism. Let's take a different look at that--a non-political look--from a business standpoint.

I believe that companies will either be "haves" or "have-nots" based on this economy. It will be less possible everyday for companies to survive and there will be less of them fighting to do it as many disappear or give up.

That means that the old saying that you're either growing or dying is more true than ever. There will be less client orders, less demand, smaller budgets and fewer people at fewer clients making buying decisions.

A company has to be more aggressive, more entrepreneurial, more dedicated, more flexible and more nimble to survive and thrive. If your company can do that every day, every week, and in every transaction, you will "have" the opportunity to thrive. The vast majority of companies that can't, "have not" a chance.

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