Thursday, March 12, 2009

A New Option for Ideas

It used to be, a customer calls you up, they give you an order and you fulfill it. That described 90%+ of all businesses a year ago.

Now the customer calls less, if at all. The order is smaller, if there is one.

An pretty good option is to bring ideas to your customer, see if they'll buy-in. It may work. But, then again, there probably is less money and most probably they'll say, "sorry, but no thanks."

Here's an exciting option: take that idea and sell it yourself--create your own start-up division, market your ideas and make money off them. If your ideas are that good, why not invest in them yourself?

I'm doing that and I have to tell you it's as exciting as anything else we're doing. We just might make a little money, my people feel their work may have a chance to live and who knows, we just may end up creating something big.

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