Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank the Big Three for Destroying the image of Biz Jets: Part One

Until a few months ago, it was a positive reflection of a company if it had a business jet. Now, it is viewed as a negative, some kind of lavish, wasteful use of corporate dollars. We can thank--I mean blame--The Big Three automakers for that. And we can give an "assist" to congress for continuing to push this idiotic mantra.

I do NOT believe in private jets--I do support business jets. I do not agree in a fat cat executive being flown around in a 747-sized jet all alone. That's wasteful.

I DO believe in utilizing a business jet to bring in more business--to visit clients and to meet new prospects.

Why didn't the congressmen and congresswomen grill the Big Three execs on whether they owned $20k Rolex watches or if they were chauffeured in limos or if they stayed in luxury hotels or if they owned custom tailored suits? None of those extravagances can bring in business or add employees to a corporation.

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