Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How are you on your best day?

Dan Merchant is smart marketing guy that I always enjoy talking to. He's a longtime ad guy, former CMO. You either love him or you can't stand him (that's ok with him) because he'll say things that sometimes just don't go down easy. I'm going to share one of his brilliant nuggets. It's a two-part nugget. It's starts with the question:

At its best, on its best day, what does your company do, how does it behave and perform?
I'll be vulnerable and answer that about my company.

On my company's best days, we're brave and passionate. No fear, lots of fun, lots of exciting, inspirational ideas. I love those times. When we're not that way, when we're fearful or just following orders, it's not any good for anyone. I don't enjoy it at all, I'm not sure anyone does.

The second part to this nugget is: Now that you know how you are on your "Best Day," make everyday a "Best Day." Or at least come as close to that as you can. That means you have to do things that will allow these days to happen more often, whatever that takes.

Apply that to you and your company. 1) Determine how you are when you truly are at your best on your best day. 2) Try to have as many of them as possible.

Could you imagine how your company would be if you had 200 "Best Days" a year?

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  1. This is a powerful question. I don't think most of us wake up and think we want to go out and have the most average day ever, but if we don't even think about it, we probably do. Making the concious decision to actively be at your best every day, is powerful. To do well is one thing, and to decide to do your best that day is operating at a higher level.