Friday, February 13, 2009

Note to Millenials

The Millennials, the current 20-something generation is known to be a hard working group that will have approximately 17 jobs and/or careers in their lifetime. That means in general, they will switch jobs every two to three years. Much different than their parents' generation and totally different from grandpa, who had one job his entire life.

I have no problem with the two year job jumping. In fact, a smart company can base their culture around that.

I do think that it might be wise for the 20 to 30 year old to look first at the reality of the economy and consider that a good job at a good company is very important at this time. Maybe it is more important than jumping ship and traveling to a new situation that is not a 100% smart move. Yes, that new job would look good on your resume, but what if you are there only for a few months?

It might be wise to re-think the "do what looks good on my resume" approach at this time and make the job you have you have even better. Just a thought....

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  1. That's good advice. I'm sending this link to my sons.