Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2009: The Lost year?

Right now the popular prediction is that 2009 will see the economy struggle and eventually stabilize and that 2010 will begin to show growth, small growth.

What does that mean? Do we wait till next year? Do we stop living till 2010? Can we we really trust that 2010 will be that much better?

My two cents is that the same people that are telling us that 2009 is a lost year year and that 2010 will be better are the same people that didn't see any of this coming.

So... I say focus on what can be done to make this as good a year as possible, one day at a time. Don't give up, don't concede.

For all we know, this is the best year we'll have in the next three or four.


  1. 2010 can't be a success without 2009...call it a 'building year'. The company that pushes forward will see 2010 as a growth year.

  2. this is a great year for starting things -- new businesses, new product or service offerings... There is talent that is hungry and perhaps unemployed as well as eager suppliers ready to move product and services, even capital that needs to be invested. If you work smart and work hard, this could be a fantastic year!

  3. I love your optimism and positive outlooks! All we have right now is the reality of 2009 and like both of you said, we should make the most of it, which can only help 2010.