Monday, February 23, 2009

We need new heroes, Part One

I just saw the news story on Alex Rodriguez admitting to doing steroids back in 2003. I don't want my blogs to be sports stuff--too much of a turn-off for many people--but A-Rod is the highest paid baseball player in the world. He's paid $27 million a year.

Let's see--Barry Bonds, the all time home run king, Mark McGuire, the former single season home run champ and Roger Clemens, arguably the best pitcher ever--are all involved in steroids accusations.

If the allegations are true, they all made millions of dollars unfairly.

We need new heroes.

When I grew up following baseball, if a guy hit .280 and had 30 home runs, he made about $60k a year. Those guys would quit baseball in their mid-thirties and "cash in" on their notoriety to become insurance agents or run beer distributorships.

Today, players that have those statistics make at least $10 million a year, they see no need to quit until they secure a contract that pays them beyond their productive years.

We need new heroes.

Why isn't there a "teacher of the year" or "volunteer of the year" that we all know the name of, that we all emulate?

We need new heroes.

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