Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pour a bucket of logic on the situation

It's sooooo easy to get fired-up on an issue in business:
The customer was unreasonable, they don't value us
The new product is no good, nobody will like it
The pricing is too high, it's out of reach
The dealers don't care
Nobody at the company understands me
They're only in it for the money
The employee doesn't feel like doing a good job

It goes on and on... It adds fuel to the fire to spout these sound bytes and you might even get some head nods to go with them, too.

The problem is, they just aren't accurate as a rule. No company, no employee, no product is entirely bad. But boy, can the paranoia run rampant when we hear people say these things.

My experience is that if someone is saying things like this, they have the problem, not the employee, product or company they're attacking. They are projecting their fears and weaknesses and are trying to gain support and sympathy and most probably trying to create chaos.

The simplest thing to do is pour some logic on the situation. If the product is really bad, then why are people buying it? If the employee or company is totally bad how can that really be possible, how could they have survived this long?

A little logic can make a big difference.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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