Tuesday, November 16, 2010


In the middle of all the activity going on, there's a spring of emotions flying about--hurry up, make this great, get this done, ship this out, make sure it got there, etc. It can be very exciting. But after the high of performing, there comes the letdown. This is normal. This is when your mind re-fills. Sometimes it fills up with thoughts of the next task to tackle. Sometimes it fills with less positive thoughts such as-am I being appreciated, is it really worth the hassle, or what about my life?

One thought. After the good performance, why not a momentary exhale? A little celebration. Something to say, like thanks, nice work.

Many leaders, like myself, don't do this often because we're achievers and we're ready to jump into the next battle. And some of us are perfectionists--we think a celebration or reward needs to be fantastic, so if we can't do it right, why do it? Wrong. A little thank you and take a breath time will be sufficient--certainly a lot better than nothing.

We all need a little time to shut it down and to re-load, why not make it fun?

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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