Monday, November 1, 2010

Invest versus divest

After such a tough two years or so in this economy, many businesses have chopped, sliced and diced their way to profitability. And much, if not all, of that slicing and dicing was smart. But what do you do after you've cut and snipped away most of the fat and waste?

That's the question, or maybe better put, that's the challenge that many businesses are facing. Dealerships that have cut sales staff and inventory to survive now must face the fact that customers are entering their stores expecting a decent selection of product and they're expecting a human (salesperson) to spend time with them.

I was excited about purchasing a product recently and traveled to a dealership only to find a semi-empty store with very little product--certainly no product I was interested in. No sale happened there.

It's now time to consider investment as seriously as divestment.

Barry LaBov
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