Monday, July 5, 2010

Want to increase sales? Increase attention to customer.

There are stores, dealers and websites fighting for sales every day. They have similar products, similar selections, and a wide array of options as to delivery--some are a click away on the web, others may be down the street a few miles. So how does one of them get to win the battle for our money?


Prices, selection and convenience are pretty much commodities today. But paying attention to what the customer needs and giving them special focus is the best way to win them over.

I buy stuff from a guy named Mitch. We never have met or talked in-person. Mitch emails me back with recommendations, he's generous with pricing, and he delivers (via UPS or FedEx) as promised. I like him and want to see him do well.

Two miles from my house, a guy named Tom sells the same stuff for a little more money, but he is convenient. Problem is, Tom doesn't proactively reach out and he seldom returns my calls. I don't mind him succeeding, but it's not top priority for me.

Now a new store opened up a mile from my house and they sell the same stuff at good prices, they're convenient, and they will actually deliver stuff to my house. I like this guy, and just like Mitch, I want to help him do well.

Now I have two sources for the stuff I want. Tom, my other option, is now squeezed out of the mix. He didn't give me the attention he could have. He lost a lot of money because of it. It all comes down to one thing:

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