Monday, July 19, 2010

More people quitting?

As the economy has leaked jobs, more people are quitting than are being laid-off or being fired.

According to this article, people are quitting because they have more confidence in the economy and aren't worried about finding a job. That may be true. But, I think it points to a different situation. Many employees today do not feel fortunate to have a job. If you don't feel lucky to work, why hold onto a job? There must be others around the corner, right?

I may sound judgmental in this post, because I am. I feel fortunate to have a job, to do things for clients, and to be able to make a difference in the workplace. That is my attitude and I also don't pretend to think it's the only way to go.

If indeed more workers continue to quit (rather than get laid-off or fired), I predict it will turn out a little different than many think. I believe that some will find jobs that are better and more fulfilling--kudos to them! I also strongly believe that far more of them will not find any work for a long time. Others will find another job that is clearly no better than the previous one; in fact, it will probably be a step backward. And I also believe many people will end up with several part-time jobs (that provide no benefits) in order to make the money they need to survive.

Quitting your job is smart if you have a better dream to go to. If you're merely leaving the workplace to see what's out there, good luck.

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