Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't Confuse Your Team with Yourself

If you have a team that works with, and maybe even for, you, it's critical to avoid one mistake that impedes progress:
Don't Confuse Yourself With Others
For example, you've been traveling, barely have enough time to think, there are a couple of huge opportunities in front of you but you're burned out, need a break. shut it down. You do nothing. Wrong move.

Look at your team, there are a few of them that aren't burned out, they have time, they'd love to tackle an assignment. While you get that needed mental breather, they can be at work having a great time. By the time you get refreshed, they'll be able to show you the progress they made.

Sounds Utopian? It's not. In fact, when you don't utilize people like this, they will interpret that as your not having confidence in them or worse yet, you're trying to keep the cool work for yourself. All because you confused yourself with the people you work with.

End the confusion.

Barry LaBov
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