Friday, July 9, 2010

Four Games That Don't Play in a Weak Economy

In a strong economy, companies and people can be "fat and happy." They can be loose on discipline and get away with it. Today, however, that just won't work.

Here are games that will not play in a poor economy:

1) Deciding which work to do game. Today, you must do all the work you promised to do, regardless of convenience.
2) Confusion game. You can't use confusion as a ploy to get out of work or responsibility.
3) Process game. You can't hide behind a process or complain there isn't a process. You have to do what is right, with total commitment.
4) Life (and the economy) stinks game. You can't use the economy as an excuse or compare yourself to the companies or people that are performing poorly. You have to find a way to succeed.

Time to stop the games.

Barry LaBov
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