Monday, January 31, 2011

A Test of What's Right

The prospective customer wants (demands) to meet tomorrow.

The above sounds like something good. It can be. But what if your team is not available? What if they are serving a customer, a paying customer of yours? What if meeting tomorrow won't allow you the time to prepare?

This happens every day. We want to succeed, we want to respond. Most of the time that's the way to think. But sometimes it's a test. A test of what is right.
Do you forsake your loyal customer for a prospective one?
Do you put the wrong team or wrong product in front of the customer just because they want that?

It's tough, but it's a test, nonetheless. Why work with a customer that doesn't want you to honor your relationships? If you politely demand to have the right team or the right product be available at the right time and that prospect rejects you, then they've flunked the test.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & beyond

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