Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I don't work after 5:00 on weekdays and never on weekends

I don't work after 5:00 on weekdays and never on weekends, boasted the young lady.

She was drawing a line in the sand with her co-workers and her boss. She wasn't going to let anyone take advantage of her. Her personal life was all hers.

I admit I didn't know exactly how to respond. But after a long time to think about it, here's my take:

We carry pdas, smart phones, BlackBerrys, iPhones and text and call and check emails every waking moment for personal use and it's okay. After all, the movie just finished, let's check and find the nearest Starbucks. My cousin is having her baby and I want a photo asap. The big game is going on and I want to check the score.

I think that we all need a healthy, balanced life. But if we take the technology drug for personal use, then how can we draw the line and not answer the phone or respond to the email when the client is calling for help at 7:30 pm?

We only limit ourselves when we draw a line that doesn't need to exist.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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