Friday, January 28, 2011

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Center

Way back when I had a music career and had a full head of hair (well, maybe a fuller head of hair is more accurate), my buddy Dick and I went to California to meet with record producers to sell our band.

We would eat lunch at a hamburger joint and then make phone calls from a payphone bank (back in the days before cell phones you had to find payphones to call from). While we were on phones calling to set up appointments, we were entertained.

The entertainment? Every few minutes, like clockwork, people would walk by on their way to the plastic surgery center next door. We got to see actors, starlets, rock stars and various famous-types in person, looking like they really look.

What did I learn? Well, some of them were not at all good-looking, in fact some were were downright scary looking. Others looked better in person than I thought they did on camera. Some were not in very good shape, many were very small--one megastar (who is till a huge star) was a pint-sized guy, not the big, robust heartthrob that we knew him as.

They were just people, no different than the rest of us, certainly not close to perfection. They had their own issues, some looked happy, others not. Maybe in a different universe, we'd be the movie stars and they'd gawk at us.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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