Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Costco Pizza

My buddy Dan is a luxury kind of guy. He has spent years in the luxury business. When I first met him he had a $3,000 suit on and it looked right.

Imagine my surprise when he offered to meet for dinner and said he'd bring the food--a Costco pizza. I thought he was joking. He was serious. "It's fantastic, you gotta try it."

He showed up with it and it was great. If Costco can offer up a pizza that tastes great, then what does that tell the pizza shops in that city? What does it tell any of us who have businesses?

The bar keeps being raised. Real good is normal. Great can be found in many places. Extraordinary is still rare.

If I'm a pizza shop (or any business), I better find a way to differentiate myself or I'll be bringing home Costco pizza to my family every night.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & beyond


  1. So Barry, where is the closest Costco in our neck of the woods? I'm just down the street from LaBov & Beyond. :)

    I agree with raising the bar, businesses need to step-up before they are forced to step-out.

  2. No Costco near us, unfortunately. The one I wrote of is in Arizona. BTW, Dan has now alerted me that he'll next treat us to Costco crab cakes!

    Agreed, that businesses have to step up, not get so full of themselves that they think they're special and don't have to grow and improve. That's supposed to be part of the fun, right?