Friday, May 15, 2009

Share the Wealth and Share the Pain

When times are great, people feel that the wealth should be shared. You know, since the company's making a ton of money, why not share it with the "little people?" After all, when the economy is robust, it's almost like there's a bottomless pit of cash laying around. Remember the Lay's Potato Chip commercial--"Don't worry, we'll make more." That's why profit sharing, 401ks, bonuses and stock options were handed out like pamphlets at a Moonie convention.

Now that the economy is so tough, it's imperative that we share the pain. With your suppliers, why not ask for help or concessions? It's better than firing them or bidding them out. With employees, why not have everyone share in the cutbacks as opposed to just one group?

It means something to human beings to contribute, we like that. We'd rather give a concession and feel a part of the team than to be isolated and totally at the mercy of someone else.

Barry LaBov
CEO, LaBov & Beyond Marketing Communications


  1. this is a great post topic. Too often we cut things off or out. Dead weight right? When the reality is being connected and sharing the burden will actually be best in the end. Most folks will sacrifice for the best of the whole and if they won't, it tells us that they might not have our organizations best interests in mind. Might give insight into who best to let go. Thanks for posting.

  2. Sharing the pain allows all of us to truly understand and value what is going on.

    Great insights, thanks.