Monday, May 4, 2009

Sales Culture

"We need a sales culture." That's a quote from an exec of one of the nation's great corporations.

It seems that over the years this corporate icon took its eye off the ball and forgot that it needs to sell product. It worked for years; but now, everything has changed.

What are they going to do? Well, as I shared in the previous post, like most of corporate America, they made huge cuts in employees. That will only help reduce expenses, though.

They need to get hungry again. Hungry for the first time in decades. And they need to be humble. Humble to ask for help, humble enough to be vulnerable and open up.

Cutting expenses is only part of the answer; in fact, it's a part of the answer that will not increase sales. This applies to huge corporations, to small companies and to individuals.

Are you hungry? Are you willing to be open to new ideas to grow? If not, there's only so much you can cut. If so, you have a chance.

Barry LaBov
CEO, LaBov and Beyond

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