Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Buggy Whips

Before the automobile was the dominant mode of transportation, horse-drawn travel ruled. Buggy whips were a huge industry. But, as the horseless carriage, or car, began to flourish, buggy whip companies have all but disappeared.

What are the Buggy Whip companies or industries of today? Which ones will not be around in a couple years?

Will there really be a huge automobile manufacturer with countless numbers of brands? Or will there be a number of small auto manufacturers creating their own product?

Will there be as many half-million-dollar RVs on the road, or will they become the exception to the rule?

Will printed newspapers exist in five years, or will they be online?

Will there be many small, upstart non-profit organizations in the future, or will they tend to be larger and better capitalized?

Is your business a buggy whip, or is it ready for the future?

Barry LaBov
CEO, LaBov & Beyond Marketing Communications

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