Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tony Dungy--Business Lessons, Life Lessons

Tony Dungy just retired from coaching in the NFL. He broke the mold. Prior to him, a successful NFL coach was: white, fiery-tempered, a workaholic, and an ego maniac.

Dungy is a low key, ultra-focused Christian man who was just as determined as his NFL coaching counterparts and in return, was extraordinarily successful. His autobiography traces his story from being a standout ballplayer that championed civil rights to becoming a Super Bowl winner.

He had high standards, yet found ways to achieve them without carnage.

I met Tony last year. He was gracious, open, and (I liked this a lot) he was very warm to my ten year old son, who is a Colts fan. Tony engaged him, joked around and ultimately provided him (and me) an example of how positive a successful person can be.

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