Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chrysler's $200k "Thank You" Ads Uproar

Chrysler just received their billions from our government and shared the good news with the nation--in the form of print ads in the Wall Street Journal and other pubs. Conservative estimates put the cost of placing those ads at $200k each--for a total of at least $600k.

Now, there is an uproar against this waste of money and I think that's valid. It is a waste, especially with economic experts predicting that Chrysler cannot survive much longer than three or months. But...

To Chrysler's credit, they are trying to show gratitude. They are simply not used to thinking "small" like entrepreneurs do everyday. They're used to big, slow, plodding, uncreative bloated actions like an ad in the WSJ. What else was on their wish list--a multi-million dollar Super Bowl ad thanking America? You might be surprised.

Let's not crucify Chrysler. We're witnessing that money alone will not save a company, opening their minds to new thinking will have to happen. They still have the chance to succeed.

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