Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Richard Branson on Entreprenuerialism

Richard Branson was just interviewed on the web and told us what we small business owners love to hear: that the recession is not our fault and that we will be the guys that get the nation/world out of the recession. He went on to say that entrepreneurs have the right mindset needed to deal with times like these.

You gotta love Branson, he went from Virgin Records to Virgin Airlines and now onto Virgin Bride (yes, a bridal shop). With his British accent and rock and roll looks, he's the closet thing to a Business "Beatle." He has the "nod factor"--everything he says sounds so good, you want to nod in agreement.

I think there's an opportunity for entrepreneurs that he neglected to mention. Yes, we have to think "small and entrepreneurial" to compete against the big companies, stay alive and hopefully thrive.

But our biggest opportunity may be in helping those large companies think entrepreneurially--those large corporations need someone to awaken them to the beauty of thinking "small."


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