Monday, January 26, 2009

Suppliers, Part One: An untapped source for economic health...

Corporations are looking for ways to save money, reduce budget and keep their doors open. Where do they usually turn?

Let's think--they downsize. They reduce offerings. They bid out their suppliers to find a better deal.

One place they seldom turn is to the people that know them best--their suppliers--not for money reductions, but for their insights.

Most of us are suppliers, think of how you could help your clients if they were open to your insights? Most suppliers--loyal, good ones--want their client to do well, be healthy and stable.

Sounds obvious, but it's not in our business world. Most corporations don't want to be vulnerable or beholden to a supplier. They're more comfortable hiring the supplier to do work.

The smart client should look at the supplier as a source of great insights (and of course good work at a fair price).

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