Friday, January 23, 2009

From Order-Taking to Order-Making

Companies are taking one of three responses to the current economy:
1) Lay-low
2) Business as usual
3) Order-Making

1) Lay-Low: There are plenty of companies that have given up and are in survival mode. They awkwardly smile when you ask how their business is. They've thrown in the towel and in hibernation, hoping to wake up to a better world in a few months.

2) Business as Usual: Other companies are moving along as if things are the same as ever. Those companies are the ones that all of a sudden will realize they're in denial and cut a third of their workforce all at once.

3) Order-Making: These are the opportunistic companies that respond to the recession for what it is making sure they have the right size workforce and operations while focusing on opportunities. These companies are in a positive cash position and have a huge advantage over their competition.

Big ideas and strong companies have been born in recessions and depressions--all from people that had the courageous and passion to fight the temptation to be in denial or in hiding.

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