Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Culture of Doing the Work

My leadership team at LaBov was setting goals for the new year and one of their recommendations was to focus on improving the culture. Improving our culture has been an ongoing goal for years and I think that's pretty healthy...you always have to be getting better.

But how do you improve on the great things that our team has been doing? They have several recognition programs, have just won the Sloan award for workplace flexibility, offer great 401k programs and outstanding celebrations and communications from a monthly meeting to weekly updates and cookouts, etc.

Reviewing their great achievements as well as their thirst to improve culture really produced an epiphany for me. Their cultural efforts have been great. But the culture we need to tackle is the culture of doing the work every day. Making that even more fulfilling and meaningful.

You can have all the Thursday afternoon ice cream socials and company cookouts in the world, but if you go back to work after that and it's a hassle, then you've missed the point.

So, we're focusing on the day-to-day culture of getting the work into the company and through the company. Making it simpler, perhaps. Making it more of a joy. If we can do that better, the Thursday afternoon ice cream will taste even better.

Barry LaBov
LaBov Advertising, Marketing and Training



  1. Dear Barry LaBov, I can appreciate what you're saying because we recently had our Christmas Party in the office, and although many great things have been done this year, there was a general lack of enthusiasm. Nobody wanted to be there, and that's something I think we can work on now for the New Year. There's no reason why one of the perks of work can't be the work itself.

  2. The work itself should be a perk, absolutely. I also think that sometimes it's good to shake up the status quo. Maybe it's a good idea not to hold a holiday party and instead allow people to do what they want in terms of getting together.
    Thanks, Barry