Friday, December 7, 2012

Stay away

I consulted with a company, a very good company. One of the execs I worked with didn't want me to speak to any of his people, and if they happened to talk with me, they were interrogated about what we discussed, what I asked, etc.

Well, that exec is gone and in a distant outpost of that company. Funny thing, the very people he kept me from are now performing at a much higher level. My appreciation of them is tenfold. They are flourishing.

Seems he was keeping me from learning a few things: 1) the strength of his people and 2) the weakness of his performance.

There usually is a reason that you are kept away from others. When that happens, make the person who is doing that very, very unhappy.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond


  1. In my experience, Barry LaBov, anyone who looks like they have something to hide usually does. The best executives are those that are proud of their employees and want them to succeed, not those that want them to stay away.

  2. Thanks--the best execs are not afraid their employees will shine, they are proud to see them do well.
    Barry LaBov