Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Replacing Fear with Purpose

Who wants to disappoint someone? Who wants to fall short? None of us do.

But most often when we face those issues, we are filled with fear. It permeates us, it rushes through our veins. And everyone around us knows it.

If we trade fear for purpose, we can only improve our performance.

If we are filled with purpose and openly discuss potential pitfalls and failings, our tone, our words and our actions are totally changed. And...the perception of you by others involved is equally different.

Animals smell fear. Humans do, too. But, we can also sense purpose in a person. Make the trade.

Barry LaBov
LaBov Advertising, Marketing and Training

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  1. I have heard of LaBov and Beyond, but I only recently decided to digest this blog more thoroughly. Fear is something that all of have and it can either dominate you or motivate you. What are some of the ways you ease anxiety before a big meeting or pitch?