Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Great energy = great performances

I used to be in the music business, kind of. I wrote jingles—those irritating little 30-second ditties that you couldn’t get out of your mind. I would record singers who would try out for the honor of singing a particular jingle. I knew something was magical when I felt energy from their performance. I actually felt uplifted. I was transformed. Technically, that singer may have missed a few notes or had some imperfections, but there was something about the performance. It wasn’t always easy explaining to the singers who didn’t make the cut that while they were technically superb, they didn’t quite fit what we were looking for. Listen to the song “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty. I feel great energy from that performance and message, but technically, Petty’s singing could be far better (unless you like ‘I woont be-ack de-own’). That’s energy. 

Barry LaBov

LaBov & Beyond

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  1. Passion goes a long way. I went on a job interview last week and the HR rep who interviewed me said that there were at least ten other people interviewing for the position. With those odds, I knew I wasn't the most qualified person that she would hear, but at the same time, I knew nobody would bring it like I did. I got the job. You're right, Barry LaBov. It's all about the energy sometimes.