Thursday, November 15, 2012

Follow the energy

The great Watergate saga “All the President’s Men” had the infamous line “follow the money.” Basically the message is if you followed the money trail, it would lead you to the answer. I look at energy the same way. If you follow where the energy is coming from, you will find the answer.

A person with no energy, no matter how brilliant, is going to be challenged as a leader. A new product, regardless of its quality standard, will not inspire unless you feel an energy from it. Ask people about their new iPhone and look at their energy, their excitement. Watch a great movie and how do you feel when you leave the movie theater? Energized (unless of course, it’s a tearjerker).

Energy isn’t just excitement. In business, it’s a combination of many things that lead you to feel that way. If it’s an idea, it must make sense, it must be inspired, it should have character and it should be unique, perhaps bold. It may not statistically be provable, but if it leaves people feeling upbeat and motivated, then, you have something going. Want to know who’s the most valuable person in the company? Want to know which idea will change the world? Follow the energy.

Barry LaBov

LaBov & Beyond

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