Friday, May 25, 2012

Age matters

It's funny, I have friends who are old like me and they hate to admit it. It's as if being "old" is something you keep quiet for fear that someone will notice.

I hear people say that 60 is the new 50 and that 40 is the new 30. Again, we're trying to re-frame how old we are.

I know a 70-year-old who is a lot younger than a 55-year-old I know. I am friends with a 28-year-old who is much older than a 40-year-old I work with.

Age is a number and it does matter. A guy who has been around a long time and allows others to benefit from his experience is fantastic. A lady who is young and is ultra-sensitive to giving much of herself for fear of being taken advantage of is not so fun.

A person who has 25 years of unique experience in his field is invaluable. If he, however, has one year of experience 25 years in a row, that's another matter.

Age matters. Like so many things we are given, it's what we do with it that either makes a difference or is sadly wasted.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond
Fort Wayne, Indiana


  1. It's interesting - in some cultures, the elderly are so well respected and revered for their experiences and knowledge, but not in America. For example, in Vietnamese society, age is considered an asset, not a liability. Native American elders assume roles as teachers and are respected for their wisdom.

    Here, people do try to hide their age. I never understood that either. Maybe one day elderly Americans will embrace their age and appreciate the experience that comes with getting older. Or, do you think that the way our culture views the aging process will need to change first?

    I know this doesn't necessarily have to do with marketing communications, but you bring up an interesting point and I'm eager to hear your feedback.

    I read your blog for business advice, but always take away more than I bargained for - thanks for always making me think outside the box!

  2. ZAt LaBov & Beyond we view age as a factor, a positive factor. In general, many of us in marketing communications however feel that you have to be young to be valuable. I think that technology plays a role. As soon as we say we don't use or know a technology, we date ourselves. Let's face, technology is the language of the day, so no matter your expertise if you don't keep us technology, you are old.