Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Protect me from myself

Decades ago, my mom and dad both passed away from cancer. It was a tough time for them and our family. You never knew what was next. You had hopes, but even more worries. You just couldn't predict what was going to happen.

A friend of mine is now facing that with one of his parents. He is understandably concerned and worried. But at the same time, he has a career and responsibilities. His boss and I are banding together to help protect our friend from himself.

We're both going to force him to do the uncomfortable--leave work early or don't come in at all and spend time with his mother. I'm convinced that if our friend does this (I know he wants to, it's just tough for him), it will not only help his mom, but his family will benefit and so will he. And I'm convinced his business won't suffer; and if it does, so what?

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond
Fort Wayne, Indiana


  1. Hi Barry, I'm a working mother of three children and this post reminds me of a saying that I hear all the time when it comes to professional women who also have families: "you can't take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself." If I'm unhappy, my children will be unhappy. If I don't feel good about myself, this will be reflected in my work.

    Sometimes it's difficult for adults to put themselves before their children, but oftentimes it benefits the entire family in the long-run. Take a "mental health day" from work to get a manicure or read a new book under your favorite tree in the yard. Your work will be there when you get back, and chances are you'll do a better job if you are well-rested and continue to take care of yourself.

    The same thing goes for your friend - I think it's important for him to take care of himself, and his mother, if he wants to feel like he truly succeeded. If only every company and business owner could have the same attitude as you and your Fort Wayne marketing communications company. My condolences for your losses and best wishes for your friend.

  2. Many of us take mental health days, but few of them are away from the office! Here in Fort Wayne, we believe you can have it all--you actually can be a good parent and a good player on the team at work. It's about business, communications and caring. Barry