Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rock Band Business Management #1: Accept

As an old washe-outd, has-been rock 'n roller, I've adapted a management style with my business that is pretty close to how a rock band is run.

In a rock band, you have to accept the weird quirks of the various members. You can't change a bluesy gutiarist into a rap guitarist. You can't change the vocal range of the leader singer, he has a range and you write your songs to fit it.

In my business, I do the same. I take the specific talent and match it to what we need. It may not make sense at first, but often it works. For example, we may meet with a construction client to discuss marketing. What if you have a construction expert in your midst, but he's not a customer-facing person on a daily basis? Take him, even though he may not play a huge role. Let him engage, let his passion show through to the client. Where will it all end? I don't know, I'm in a rock band, let the guy finish his solo and we'll see...

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond


  1. What an interesting way to look at company management, Barry LaBov! It is incredibly cool that you are able to compare managing a rock band with managing a company. I never would've thought those two could even relate! Once again, you surprise me, Barry LaBov.

    As always, I enjoy reading all of your posts on the Barry LaBov blog, and I always try to put the tips and advice I read here into good use in my own life and work. From now on I'm going to start making the effort to identify the strengths of my different coworkers, just like a band leader would for his fellow musicians. In any case, pretending my work team is a rock band will sure be a lot of fun! Thanks for the great post, Barry!

  2. There was no Barry LaBov band, there was always a group of us who made music together. It's always bigger than one person. I try to follow that at LaBov & Beyond. Thanks