Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Leaving it on the table

We interviewed the clients of a customer of ours. We were in the midst of an assessment and trying to learn what those clients thought of our customer. The recurring statement we heard was:

They're leaving a lot of business on the table
Amazing response in light of the fact our customer felt their job was to do whatever their clients asked and nothing more. Turns out, their clients wanted them to think more and to offer more services.

How often do we think we're bothering our clients and don't offer an idea? How often are we afraid to suggest something because we're afraid the client will not want to pay for it?

Maybe we should realize many clients expect ideas and recommendations and are actually dissappointed in us when we don't show that initiative.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond


  1. Amen. This applies directly to agency situations. I've preached this a lot. We think we know "what they want" and stop giving them what we professionally think they need, or our best creative effort. Then we're surprised when the account goes away to somebody who waltzed in with a creative idea "they'd never buy" and broadens their horizons.

    I've always said we should treat every major meeting like a new business pitch, because in a very real way, it IS!

  2. Thanks, great points. I've be guilty of assuming too much and it's never been a good thing. Thanks for the insight!