Thursday, November 19, 2009


PB&J stands for more than peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It stands for a way to do business.

At our company, LaBov & Beyond Marketing Communications, PB&J in business stands for Passion, Bravery and Joy. It's a mantra, a direction, a guideline, and a litmus test. It can work for all businesses. Try it out.

Too often in business you can have enthusiasm and a great idea (passion) but don't have the courage (bravery) to stand up for it. In the end, you get nothing.

Sometimes you can have guts (bravery) but don't have anything unique, exciting or inspiring (passion) to show to the customer. Again, you don't succeed.

Sometimes, you can just take orders - no passion or bravery there. And no reason for the customer to be thrilled with you, either.

But when you have the passion - those great ideas, the infectious enthusiasm coupled with the bravery to express that passion in whatever way necessary to get it resonate with your customer, you can achieve magic.

That magic is the "J" or the joy that you get when you help that client, when your project moves mountains, and your customer can't dream about working with anyone but you. That's joy. Your customer-facing people will view joy as customer retention; the designers, engineers and creative people will recognize joy as the brilliant idea that became reality. Your accountants will look at joy as profit and financial security for your company.

PB&J is never fully achieved every day 24/7. It's not possible, but the better we strive for it, the better we perform and the more fun and results we achieve. Feel free to spread it.

Barry LaBov
LaBov and Beyond

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