Friday, February 24, 2012

Small business is not always the answer

Small businesses such as dealers, service companies, restaurants and shops are not all created equal. Contrary to what we read, small business does not always add to the growth of our economy.

Microsoft was a small business and it added, and still adds, thousands of jobs, true. But the corner liquor store or the small bookstore down the street may not have added a job in years.

The truth is, we need large and small businesses alike to grow jobs.  We need to celebrate the huge corporations that invest billions into a facility and jobs, as well as we do the local start-ups that just opened offices, or the dealership that added a new showroom ands hired a handful of employees. They all add up.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond


  1. Dear Barry LaBov,

    Your blog post brings up a great point that I feel is oftentimes overlooked by the general public. I believe the media has given people this idea that big corporations are evil and that only creating and supporting small businesses can significantly help restore our poor economy. Although this would help maintain a handful of jobs in the community, unless that small business had plans to work with companies like LaBov and Beyond to help itself grow and hire more workers, it would have little to no effect on the bigger economic picture. This is why larger companies that employ hundreds of workers should not be ignored and should receive as much support as smaller, start-up businesses.

  2. The media does promote big business as evil or at best, brilliant, but evil. LaBov & Beyond Marketing Communications and Training would not exist if not for big business.

    Our company is doing well and growing, but we can't alter the economy like a big biz can. It's that simple. Long live big biz.