Friday, November 4, 2011

Six questions to predict success or failure

It's not all that hard to predict success or failure. We try to make it that way by using spreadsheets, data and trend analysis. And that stuff is valuable, but not in predicting success or lack of it.

90% of the time, you can predict whether a person or company will succeed by answering these questions:
  1. Do you really believe, are you totally committed?
  2. Are you learning, growing, and truly better than you were yesterday?
  3. Do you look at people as the answer, rather than the problem?
  4. Does fear rule your life or are you bold enough to be totally transparent?
  5. Do you believe you are making a positive difference in your customers' lives?
  6. Do you enjoy what you're doing?
If you pass the above test, then the data and spreadsheets will provide you tremendous value. If you flunk the test above, spreadsheets will only be used to mask your lack of energy and belief. And BTW, if you answer the first questions in the affirmative, your last question (Do you enjoy what you're doing?) can only be answered yes.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond


  1. I remember a mentor once telling me in business that one must be FEARLESS rather than FEARFUL to rule, manage, and lead an organization. I believe it is sage advice today! You are spot on.