Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A LULU of an idea

At LaBov & Beyond Marketing Communications and Training, we're experimenting with an idea we call LULU. LULU stands for LaBov University of Learning and Utilization. It's different from the typical online university in that it is not mandatory for employees and it has a growing list of learning opportunities presented--most of those fed by the employees.

We've created a website where our employees can find modules, webinars or videos on any topic they are interested in. Plus, they are free to post the ones that they find themselves. We also are giving each employee a "bank account" of money they can spend any way they want on learning, no questions asked. All of this is on the honor system--if any employee says he used his learning bank account to buy a book, fine, we believe him.

The employee can choose to keep score of their learnings by logging what they read or viewed on a spreadsheet on the site. They can also receive more points by conducting a Lunch & Learn of that material for employees.

What does the company get for all this? A lot. We can refer to the points a person has at review time or when she is requesting to travel to a seminar, for example. If she has been a voracious learner, she will be rewarded. If she hasn't participated in learning for a year, maybe we discuss that.

But best of all, we get an environment of learning where our people are contributing to it. Will it last, who knows? But if we can offer a world of learning to great people, it will only help us be a better company internally and externally to our clients.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond


  1. What a great idea, Barry LaBov! At a time when companies are downsizing the educational opportunities they offer to their employees, it's amazing to hear how LaBov and Beyond is expanding theirs. Too many companies underestimate the value of ongoing training: it only helps every person in the company, which helps the company overall, contributing significantly to its long term success. I eagerly anticipate reading more about this excellent venture of yours in future posts of the Barry LaBov blog!

  2. Marissa, The LaBov & Beyond team thanks you for the support! It's so far been an electrifying project!