Monday, November 28, 2011

Five Steps in No-Compromise Hiring

I was speaking with one of my favorite friends. She's a brilliant doctor who is trying to build a new business. She's struggled in vain as she's attempted to hire the perfect employee. She's also fallen short trying to find a business partner. It's been tough. As we talked, she asked about our company, LaBov & Beyond Marketing Communications and Training. In the past, we, too, had struggled with finding the right people and have come to realize a few things:
  1. You're far better off NOT hiring the wrong person. It's worth the wait to find the right person.
  2. It is not about people, it's about quality people.
  3. You want to find people who already have what you need and/or value. Don't hire a person who will need to sprint to keep up with your company. Find a person who is hopefully better in her/his area than you are.
  4. You want people who inherently share your values. If you're a luxury brand, hiring an otherwise wonderful person who is a cheapskate simply will not fit.
  5. Don't be a savior. Don't hire a person who you think you can fix or mold. Hire a person who is ready to do great things. Support them and get out of their way.
And after you hire? Stay connected, especially in the beginning after you hire them. Be a sounding board. If they're good, they'll be irritated about things, which is good. You don't want them to assimilate, you want them to stand out and inspire others.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond


  1. Thank you so much for this great advice on hiring practices, Barry LaBov. I am a young human resources professional new to the field, and just starting to develop my skills with interviewing and hiring people for my company. It seems like there is a great wealth of information for job seekers on how to get hired, but hardly any for people sitting on the other end of the table! I'm finding a lot of the tips you've put down here helpful, and can already envision myself putting them into practice in the near future. I'll also definitely be returning to the Barry LaBov blog as well, for more of these great tips and advice! Thanks again, Barry LaBov!

  2. Hiring is one of our top focuses at LaBov & Beyond. Good marketing communications or training people are hard to find. A great people, in general are even tougher to find. We want it all, great expertise and great character. Thank you and good luck!