Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Listen to corporations sharing their goals and they'll say they include:

Increase market share
New products
Engaged employees
Satisfied customers

Can't argue with all of that. But there is a missing ingredient, that if present will launch and maintain all of the above: adrenaline. They need the energy, the shot in the arm to get all of this accomplished or it will go the way of other pleasant goals that drop away over time.

Either they have the people who can do it, or they need an outside agency to at least quick start it, but either way, pleasant goals will only be achieved with adrenaline.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond


  1. I'm sure LaBov & Beyond has no shortage of energy with Barry LaBov at the helm! :) It truly amazes me how often things like this get overlooked by the business world. So many of my company's terrific plans fall to the wayside for the reason you stated...there's no drive, desire or adrenaline. It's painful to watch sometimes, really. So many of the people here get lost in the big picture, and get stuck in the "this is too much for me" mindset. I'm going to forward this to some of my co-workers, as we need some more shots in the arm around here. I always appreciate the insight, Barry!

  2. Our mantra at LaBov & Beyond is adrenaline. We need to provide that energy to marketing communications and training and anything else.

    Thanks, Harold!