Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crazy Ted

Crazy Ted never shuts up. He talks all the time, just won’t leave you alone. Ted runs a construction business. He wins and loses business for exactly the same reason: his personality. You either love him or you run from him.

He’s obsessive, wacky, embarrassing, and yet, endearing. You trust him, you believe him. He’ll worry more about the work he’s doing for you than you will.

Ted has a very simple business model: I’m obsessed with doing a great job for you and may drive you nuts while I’m doing it.

That model doesn’t work when the product or service that’s provided is commonplace. But it can work if you’re a heart surgeon or a fighter pilot, because customers can set aside the personality when it’s do or die. And that’s where Ted’s intensity and energy come in: he makes you feel that painting your building or roofing your home is that critical—you have to have him….even if he drives you nuts.

Barrry LaBov
LaBov & beyond

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