Wednesday, April 13, 2011


If only we could rewind our lives and go back to change our decisions. If we had a remote control on our business decisions we could make things so much better. So since we don't, what can we do?
Learn...Observe...Be vulnerable
A great option is to learn from and observe others so that we don't have to make the same mistakes they have. Most of us fight that because our situation seems special or unique. It's not. Our situation is so typical that it's almost funny. I look at it like I was going to the doctor. How often have I ever had a condition that is totally unique? Never. And that's a good thing, because it means there are people around who have been in the same situation, as well as people who can fix that situation.

But we fight all this because we don't want to be vulnerable, which is a very uncomfortable feeling. If you're comfortable, though, you're not learning or growing, you're stagnant. Since we can't rewind, we have a decision to make:
Do we stay the course or are we willing to be vulnerable?

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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