Friday, April 15, 2011

Five-Question Communication Quiz

Five-Question Communication Quiz:
1) How often do fellow employees, bosses or customers ask you for an update on where things stand?
2) How often do you send an email, text or voice mail that requires others to ask you questions to clarify what you communicated?
3) How often do you "reply all" to emails?
4) How often do you fail to return emails, texts or voice mails promptly--even when you don't have the answer--to at least let the person know you're working on it?
5) How often do you use email or texts (instead of in-person or on-phone) to deliver critical or emotionally charged messages?

If your answer to the above question is: every day, often, most of the time or a lot, you have a great opportunity to become more valuable to your organization and customers by changing your communications approach.
If your answer to the above is: never or seldom, you are the rare person who makes things clearer, calmer and simpler. You're a communications hero.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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