Thursday, March 3, 2011

Protect and Arm

One of my very favorite clients told me she was having a problem with her boss. She didn't feel he appreciated her efforts at all. Here was my suggestion to her:
Don't just protect, but also arm him
The important, ultra-busy boss (or client, for that matter) will not appreciate your efforts if you merely protect him from the details. If all you tell him is that "it's all taken care of" he will probably think it must have been easy to do. And you at some point will feel unappreciated.

I don't recommend bragging or puffing up what you're doing, btw. I recommend arming the boss with enough info (usually no more than two or three sentences) so that he understands what went on and is prepared to speak about it if his boss asks about it.

That way he not only knows you took care of it, but he also knows what it took to be taken care of. Do this and you give him a chance to appreciate what you're doing.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & beyond

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