Friday, March 4, 2011

Accidental Entrepreneur

I'm an accidental entrepreneur. I didn't mean to do it. It just happened. Really.

I'm not saying I'm any good at being an entrepreneur, but if I am at all, it's because it wasn't in my plans. I had no dream of being my own boss or having a company or my name on the sign out front. None of that mattered. So I kind of stumbled into it and looked at it with a fresh, almost child-like manner.

My story is not unique. Many people have started out in one direction and ended up very happy doing something they never contemplated for a living.

So maybe that means when we're asked to do something different or try our hand at a job or task we've never considered doing before, it just may end up being what we do best and what we love doing most.

Barry LaBov
LaBov & Beyond

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